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Global Office Sustainability

A Core Company Value

As we move deeper into the 21st century, it has become clear that the need for environmentally sound business practices is urgent and immediate – this is not something that we can push out to a future date.

Our view is that if you benefit from the global economy, you also have a responsibility to the global community. We all have a shared interest in a healthy, sustainable environment for both current and future generations.

Change is needed – starting with ourselves. We reject the false choice between profitability and sustainability. Reducing our impact on the environment is deeply ingrained in both our business planning and daily operations.

Hybrid Vehicle Fleet

Hybrid Vehicle Fleet

Because of its near-total dependence on petroleum fuels, the U.S. transportation sector is responsible for about a third of our country’s climate-changing emissions.

To reduce our overall carbon footprint as well as C02 emissions associated with copier installations and service, Global Office uses only hybrid vehicles in its fleet. Additionally, we have purchased carbon offsets for our company vehicle fleet. Hybrids and EVs offer a lower carbon alternative to legacy gasoline-powered vehicles.

We are committed to using the best available technology to reduce our carbon footprint.


Global Office Sustainable Offices

Reduced Office Footprint

The spacious, designed-to-impress office has been a staple of American business since the mid twentieth century. With every square foot in an office emitting carbon, does this still make sense? We’ve concluded that bigger is not necessarily better. We are more focused on outstanding customer service and environmentally sound business practices, and less on showrooms.

Reduced Commuting

Less Commuting

In urban areas the personal automobile is the single greatest polluter because emissions from millions of vehicles on the road add up. Burning one gallon of gasoline creates about 20 pounds of CO2—which means the average vehicle creates roughly 6 to 9 tons of CO2 each year.

We employ a variety of strategies to reduce commuting via automobile. Telecommuting, staggered hours, encouraging the use of public transportation and video conferencing all contribute to a reduced carbon footprint. 

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