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Streamline Managed Printing

Remote Printer Monitoring & Management

FMAudit provides everything you need to assess, analyze and monitor your printer fleet.

The core engine of FMAudit accurately identifies and extracts data from networked printers, copiers and multifunction devices (MFDs) utilizing the protocols these devices support such as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). SNMP is a network protocol that facilitates the exchange of information network protocol that facilitates the exchange of information between networked devices, extracting data from the management information base (MIB) and the data collection locations within the device.

FMAudit Benefits

  • Automatic meter retrieval – no need to submit your meters manually
  • Relieves the potential of human error associated with manual meter entry
  • Detailed reporting available to address any billing concerns
  • Ensures your information is synchronized with your ERP system
  • Allows enrollment in PrintReleaf program – we’ll plant trees on your behalf
  • Toner replenishment monitoring
  • Device agnostic

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Manage Your Print Fleet Proactively

FMAudit’s real time monitoring reports your MFD and printer information to Global Office. This allows us to know when you need to have toner delivered/shipped, so you never run out. Automated meter reporting ensures consistent, accurate reporting, eliminating billing issues.

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Any Product, Anywhere, Anytime - Ask Us How. 


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